Building generational wealth

Specialising in diversifed opportunites, our priviate equity team of corporate advisors are backed by legal team with over 20 years of  litigation and financial advisory experience. 

We present unique opptunities through early identifcation and rapid response. 

How do we do this? With a footprint across Australia and the mediterranean with offices located in Perth Western Australia, Skopje Macadonia and Thessaloniki Greece as well as Athens. 

Our team

Nik Lackovic

Managing Director

With over twenty years experience across both the private and public sectors, Nik Lackovic has sucessfully provided stategic corporate advice to numerous organisations across multiple industries. 

George Papamihail

Director Barrister & Solicitor

As the principal  behind George Papamihil Barristers & Solictors, George brings to  Establishment Capital over 30 years of practicing legal experience as a Barrister and Solictor. 

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